Celebrating with Willie and Friends at Sullivan’s


Willie and Friends music concert Christchurch New Zealand

We are celebrating New Zealand’s new level of social freedom with a special Willie and Friends concert tomorrow, Wednesday 10th June, at Sullivan’s Irish Pub, Lincoln Road, Christchurch. We will be performing along with the fabulous Kay Duncan (www.facebook.com/kayduncanmusic) and the multi-talented Willie McArthur (www.facebook.com/williemcarthurmusic).

The gig starts at 7:00PM and we’d love to see you there (clicking on the photo will take you to the Facebook event). Meanwhile, ask yourself: how many new songs did James and Anna learn during lockdown? : ) : )

Lake Brunner Lodge Music Festival 2020

Here are a few snaps from this year’s Lake Brunner Lodge Music Festival ~ and what a fun and memorable weekend it was. No photos of Pavlova Paradise have surfaced yet (at least none that we know about) but we do have pics of the other performers: Soulstess, Topia, and Willie McArthur. Thank you very much to the organisers, hosts and staff, and to the lovely and enthusiastic crowd who made it a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the last day of summer.

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